Tuesday, September 23, 2008

1st day of Autumn

The rain woke me up last night, I love hearing that sound when I am in bed.
I will not tell you the time I have got up today although I went to bed early last night.
I have had the great idea of going to the city center to get a book I need for the new course I began last Monday although I don´t know if I will attend the classes every day because I will start a new job in October (I hope).
All we know that when it is raining in Málaga, it is better not to take the car but I was very lazy to wait for the bus this morning so I went with POLAR to the town (Lenny on the radio!!!), directly to the parking of course!
I take the book from the bookcase, I go to the cashier and wow wow wow: 45€ my goooooooooooshhh, I hardly ever say anything about the price of the books but my mouth spoke by itself saying: it is so expensive!!! and the shop assistant look at me and says: yes, it is the price of the new pack from Oxford (it has the student´s book, the workbook with key and the cdRom). I promise I will do all the exercises!!!!!
The price of my first day of Autumn (without mastercard)
45€ Oxford book
1€ parking
€ fuel
I will not go out today until 8pm to go to the gym: today we have spinning!!!
I am still working on my online course :D

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Online courses, you pay for it, you receive a password to get into the virtual area and that´s it! you have 100 hours course and 0,5 points !!!
Waiting for the "lists", waiting for a number! although my next future is not going to change at all, maybe in some months -I hope-.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Got the blues?

Feeling down?
Got the blues?
Everyone gets sad. Yes, everyone you've ever met.
Some people have sad feelings just once in a while, and others may have sad feelings pretty often.
When you're in a sad mood, it may feel like it will last forever, but usually feelings of sadness don't last very long — a few hours or maybe a day or two.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Androgynous myth

Humans had three genders (androgynous, male, and female) in a primeval state of eternal bliss.
However, we grew insolent in our blissful state and refused to properly honor the gods (and even tried to pursue them in their mountainous home). As punishment, we were split in two.
Those with a "male" nature (the Children of the Sun) became homosexual men;
those with a "female" nature (the Children of the Earth) became Lesbians;
and the androgynes (Children of the Moon) became heterosexuals.
Navels - belly buttons - are the souvenirs of the operation we all went through in being divided from our beloved other half.
The myth warns humanity to be careful in always honoring the gods (especially Eros) or we will be hewn in two once more, leaving us to hop around on just one leg.
Part of properly honoring Eros is to search for and find our lost half, to be restored to our natural state of bliss.
Roquefort cheese Pies are great!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Back from Isla Cristina

Back from Isla Cristina
The weather was a bit chilly but nice
Mornings on the beach reading and walking on the sand
Eating a type of clam that I really love
Walking in the evenings, eating icecreams, drinking beer and white wine
Enjoying the company of my parents!
PS, Monday = Gym
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