Friday, December 05, 2008


Yesterday morning, the staff of a popular serial in AndalucĂ­a recorded some scenes where I live, the pictures were taken from my terrace.
It was funny because while they were preparing everything you could listen PREVENIDOS! "READY" just to say that you have to be ready to act, and more than once a neighbor parked in the middle of the scene and of course some members of the staff run to her/him to tell them that they were recording a serial ...
ahhh they were recording in the doorway of the building as well, in the hall, I went down to take the bus and when I went out the hall there were sooooo many people looking at me with huge cameras because they were waiting for the actor who had to go out hahaha, but I asked the boy before going out the hall!!!so they were not recording :D
Do you know the serial?
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